What is a Mastermind Group?

What is a Mastermind Group and Could it help Your Business Grow?   What is a Mastermind Group? We are not talking about the BBC TV programme currently hosted by John Humphries. A Mastermind Group is something different, something which could provide you with the...

National Minimum Wage

NATIONAL MINIMUM WAGE INCREASES If you are employing staff, and you are doing the payroll for them yourself, don’t forget that the National Minimum Wage Rates go up from this Saturday, the 1st April 2017. So, all hours worked from Saturday on must be paid at least the...

Looking for funding

Are you looking for funding for your business? Do you trade across the border?  This may be of interest http://www.businessfirstonline.co.uk/other-articles/looking-funding-move-business-gear/

Danger Scam HM Revenue & Customs emails

Despite having sent out Facebook and LinkedIn messages about these before I almost got caught out myself yesterday.   They are obviously still doing the rounds Here is what they look like:   If you get one of these delete it immediately and under no circumstances,...

What Was Going on in my Business?

Before I started Clear Accounting NI I owned two other businesses, one was a domestic appliance distributor and one, a partnership, supplied industrial heating equipment.   Because I was an accountant by background I liked to ensure that I had financial information. ...

Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only The Messenger

We are all familiar with the saying:  Just because I am the one delivering bad news doesn’t mean I created it. I wonder how you would feel if you ever got bad news from your accountant? I remember when I had just started in practice.  My business partner had clients...

Xero Certified

We at Clear Accounting are pleased to announce that our new Accountants Assistant has become a certified Xero Advisor.

Real Time Cloud Bookkeeping

Several of our clients are benefiting from the financial control they get through our Real Time Cloud Bookkeeping processes. If you are interest in a brochure that explains how this can help your business please email us at bill@clearaccountingni.com

UK Payroll

Since the start of the summer we have started processing payroll on Xero for several clients. However others have been put off by the perceived cost. We have just been informed today that the cost of using Xero for payroll has been substantially reduced and is now...

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