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Turning Profits into Cash Part 2: Is Your Credit Under Control?

  “Turnover is vanity, cash is sanity” It's a cliche but it is still true. Too much owed to suppliers and the bank. Too little cash being collected from debtors. Later I came across an article confirming that he was right. Too much money going out, too much owed...

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What is a Mastermind Group?

What is a Mastermind Group and Could it help Your Business Grow?   What is a Mastermind Group? We are not talking about the BBC TV programme currently hosted by John Humphries. A Mastermind Group is something different, something which could provide you with the...

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Annual Accounts & Tax Preparation

VAT, Corporation Tax, Self Assessment

Auto Enrolment

Since April 2012, all UK employers are legally obliged to automatically enroll all eligible workers into a qualifying pension scheme by a specific deadline (‘staging date’). This is one of the most onerous challenges to face businesses in recent years and the financial penalties for breach can be severe.
We can make life much easier for you with our auto enrolment solution. As part of our auto enrolment service we will review your position and advise to help ensure you are complying with this onerous legislation and minimise your exposure to penalties.

To find out more about our Auto Enrolment service contact us for a free initial discussio

Book Keeping & Financial Control

Our Bookkeeping and Financial Control services help you control your business finances and get financial information about your business in Real Time, wherever you are. We use the widely acclaimed Xero Accounting Software which provides access to your financial information via your desktop,laptop, tablet or smartphone anywhere in the world at any time.
We offer a variety of bookkeeping options from monthly and quarterly reporting to a total administration service.
Contact us to find out how this service can help your business to grow and prosper.

Business & Strategic Planning

Where do you want your business to be in the next 5 years? Where will it have to be in 1 year or 3 years in order to arrive at your goal? How can you grow the business? What do you need to do to make it sellable?
To get your business where you want it you need to start planning now.
We can help with the entire process from preparing mission statements and basic business plans to full scale planning days away from the business individually or with your full team.
For an initial two hour consultation to identify the key issues you need to tackle and what obstacles need to be overcome contact Bill

Finance & Capital Raising

If you want to raise capital for your business, whether it is additional working capital, finance for capital purchases or for any other business reason we can help. From working with you on the initial business plan through to completing applications and approaching sources of finance on your behalf we have both the experience and a wide range of contacts in this area.

Payroll Services

Payroll is so much hassle since RTI was introduced in 2013, but don’t worry… we can take away this hassle and ensure you avoid penalties.
 Leaving us to deal with your payroll takes away all the headaches and frees up your time to focus on running your business.
 You can sleep at night knowing you are complying with the RTI legislation.
 You will know your payroll is submitted on time. And that means you don’t need to worry about the severe penalties of up to £400 per month.
 Professional payroll advice is just a phone call away.
 Less stress as we take care of the complicated bits.
 Maximum 48-hour turn around, within an agreed payroll timetable and subject to provision of full payroll information.

Research & Development Credits

There is a UK wide tax incentive for innovation with companies undertaking R&D able to claim increased tax deductions. Those deductions reduce taxable profits and hence a company’s tax charge. Small companies can obtain tax credits of up to 225% of the cost of their investment in R&D. The extra deduction turns into a cash benefit through the saving in corporation tax (CT)
payable on profits.

If you think that you could benefit from Research & Development Credits why not contact us for a free initial discussion.

Start Ups

According to the Telegraph (18 August 2015) more than half of new businesses don’t survive beyond 5 years.
Based upon many years of helping entrepreneurs build successful businesses our Start Up service gives you access to the knowledge and advice you need to do things right from the start.
It’s a 12-month programme of comprehensive support with a range of options and packages so you can choose the one that best meets your needs. We help you:
 Get your taxes right
 Get your bookkeeping right
 Get your financing right
 Get your pricing right
 Get your business model and strategy right
 Get your sales and marketing right


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The key features of Xero include automatic bank and credit card account feeds, invoicing, accounts payable, expense claims, fixed asset depreciation, purchase orders, and standard business and management reporting. Xero can automatically import bank and credit card statements.  It offers a free API that enables customers and 3rd-party software vendors to integrate external applications with Xero. Over 275 3rd-party software vendors have built Xero add-ons. Xero also supports multiple tax rates and currencies.


LV Tech

I have worked with Bill and Clear Accounting NI for the past 6 years. During that time, he has supported my business and has always been available for advice and support. He is professional and extremely practical in his approach to finance and has made several useful...

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